The Purpose 


It is with great need & necessity that this page is the 21st century is noted with clarity & objectivity. Whether the former years or the later. We are living in an extraordinary times when events are repeating themselves from the past. Almost if not exactly copy cat in conscious or unconscious matter. This page will seek answers and offer it to the minds of people around the world! 



Tiny details are attached to time of what we call now. Now is a determination of words. That is a highway carrying from one to the next. 

Moments lead to all kinds of future. Those future shared are  factor that makes & remains in memory. A memory that was built by a moment has a secure space. Filling that space was a desire, need or a making of one or more that is new or what was to have been. That, history records. 

Missing moments, is a journey that was started late but desire is what usually determines the united factor with those that had moments. It builds a whole different truth of what is a defence, static & offense; what is the requirements. 

Moments are emotions but much more than that. Can we think of moments that are small & big? Then we knew how now was,  and what is now. Thank God For Moments! 


Nat Berhanu

Nike Merchant Inc.  






A Murder, Caused By Comedy Of Errors & Misdeeds!


To highlight a serious problem which is Police Brutality, A case by case study had to be undertaken by those who are Fighting the legal & policing in the United States. 

This case as sad and unfortunate it was for Breona Taylor, advocacy was undermined. It has taken the world by storm. Several demonstration in the name of #BreonaTaylor took place within the United States & around the world. This time from information gathered that is credible, the highlight dimmed when the verdict was read out. 

First, the life of Breyona Taylor, the two boyfriends with a very dangerous profession took a swipe at each other by involving the post office first and then the police dept. The DA office. It is a day soap opera that turned deadly for the ER Staff Breyona Taylor. 

Once the the search warrant was changed, I believe there was lack of communication between the DA dept and police at Louisville, Kentucky. That rewinds such errors to be known in the latter century so many movies made & the world enjoyed watching. 

Therefore, this might have other advocacy groups seething about other serious violation of human rights which is currently in the legal system process.

We will see more demonstration, chaos, disruption & distruction in the near future. Case by case study will have the power that be sleepless in case of genuine violation of human right by police across the nation of USA & The world. 



Nat Berhanu 



Nameless Till Murdered


Another tragedy; this time in Wisconsin. Again with plenty witness's including the victims offspring. I must emphasize, what is troubling is the blase blase attitude. The calmness, the almost like ribocop attitude taken by these officers who are on duty with uniform serving supposedly the public. The calculation seems correct because that is what the media drilled to us for decades. Therefore the immoral action is indeed leaned upon by this mass media. This takes the responsibility from the responsible and lightens the load. It is absolutely chaotic; that is what is leading up to the point of disaster. The cycle continues. 

Our hearts goes out to his family, offsprings & known associates. Another bitter pull to swallow and another badge & department tarnished. This affects the whole system which operates under the banner of law & order with A serious violation repeatedly. That is Murder! 



August 24, 2020

For Nile Merchant Inc.

Nat Berhanu (DNC) 






Hail, Who's The King?


Following the campaign leading up to the two main candidates has not been as exciting as the previous years. There are amteen reasons. But the two main reasons worth mentioning is the pandamic & the need to have new leadership in America & the world. 

Reeling back the 2016 victory of the current President, Donald Trump, the surprise was total. Then we return again to the 8 year Presidency, President Obama. There was a major financial crises which was inherited. His Presidency was in some people's mind was almost Perfect. Not only was Obama the first "Black" President, he was also the youngest. The financial crises we're not only solved but growth occurred. This did not matter to the other side of the aisle who's candidate at that time in the name of politics and not for the sake of the people sent a message to not only counter the statistics but also later on as his current Presidency, enjoyed economic growth untill the pandamic. 

We note here the messages were so far apart. In America as a nation of melting pot, Obama gave legal status, equality for the LGBT citizens. When Trump came to office, marginalization was delivered in his campaign. Therefore, we see a developed nation showing the world, the root & fruit of democracy. 

Certainly, that shines a light on something and that is a gradual acceptance of a best political system which is carried by upholding the law. 

This time around, the democrats are rising with a major Promise to represent the modern America. One with historical political experience and as vice president, the other a promise to represent a most marginalised group, most discriminated and a fight to the traditional pride rooted once Again by religion. Diversity, sex and the working class. All in one. Not only a land slide is taking place in Nov; But probably a trend that will shake the developing and under developed nations around the world. America is the final super power and the super has not been seen yet, while the power has been displayed for 2 centuries. Either way, the conservatives have work to undertake to progress or the 2016 election which pulled the world from the future to the past can reoccure which led the way to all kinds of division & made the world an ugly place to live in. 


Dakar Nael Ciccone NKA Nat Berhanu

for Nile Merchant Inc.

August 14, 2020









The Music Industry! Spitify Or Sound.


The history dates back to early 90's. The talent was galore. The taste of music diversified. Also there was healthy competition. That made way for other genre's to enter in to the what was already a realm untouched by other than musicians and artist sending, receiving the words, Melody and rhythm to transform the world. 

Then enter greed to the appetite Without the hunger for talent or music. For that to happen, they had to see who was reigning the talent in show and otherwise. Twice they tried and at the moment of impact, the King and the prince fell from their rightful place. The playing field became infested. Now green was not a pasture to find peace for all but to poison the root and hold the genuine. 

This happened to the music business. The talent is not to be marketed. It is to be honed.  What is happening now is danger to the soul that need nourishing thru music. We at this point should become angry about what has happened to the music business. Either that or mourn the death of it. Either way, the sign reads hazardous. 

To reverse it & examine it is first. Then who is willing to do that? Those who are in the business should rethink the history and ask themselves; does it sit well in their soul? That to be answered by the individuals. The sirens We raise & we will do our part to stop the troding of talents & re-developing the grass root for survival & to the thriving of the show business as it was in it's purest form!


Dakar Nael Ciccone NKA Nat Berhanu

Nile Merchant Inc.

Aug. 2, 2020





The Frontier Ethio- Pia


They made each part. We See Since 1855 Till the last Emperor, the defence in whole military mind set and the Kings this country has had an imence meaning in Territorial integrity and expansion. We also see till 1992 that Territorial integrity when Muslim extremism surged to expand it's political power across the world, did the will bend to hand over Eritrea to independence? That Itself was for thought by west particularly the UK after the election of Tony Blair. That was known; What was known is that the war against terrorists forthought in a manner that made the west at ease when history of Ethiopia was just that the last 150+ years.

Outstretched, Ethiopia would have not been able to assist in the east to fend & attack that element in Ogaden & in to Somalia. When 911 Happened the forthought became a Reality. 

The mind set tells us those in active intelligent collectors knew this. The map was drawn & redrawn and another country was created. South Sudan. A Christian state. In the late 80's this was known as segment of population in Sudan was in the hands of the intelligence, missionaries and travellers. The existence then made a whole lot of difference. 

The friction is in that region as Sudan & South Sudan are in a constant conflict which AU & United Nations. 

When Eritrea gained Independence, that paved a way for ethnic tribes, particularly of Muslim religion to seek their own independence. Ethiopia then tightens laws and human rights is observed and known to be violated. This is what the Western media reports.

This shows certain weakness as It Happened in Spain when Catalunya seemed independence.

Therefore  the fear has now on the way became Reality. In time of peace The Great Dam in the territory of Ethiopia was planned and built. Is it time for war? As they are flexing their muscle at least by what is reported, the old enemies in time if Menelik II; Turkey, Egypt,  & Sudan are now wanting history to repeat itself. History can teach us something.

This who observe are those in peace. But what can happen is a reply with modern weapons, a warfare about Water in 21st century says to us, that is the most valuable commodity. I say this War has taken a back seat during the war on terror. It's anxiety is felt everywhere. Again, we wait till the first blood is shed! After that, another and another is inevitable! 


July 5, 2020 

Nat Berhanu


The article above explains the inevitable response and reaction that is taking place in this unsettling world that we all exist. Where the right seems wrong and the wrong seems right. 

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean we have been witnessing an uprising a long standing issue that has become a major problem. Police Brutality. This has exposed a system that serves certain group of people with a set system, at least that is what has been unfolding for a century or two. The problem of America is certainly a problem of the world. In America, that is an open society, free to demonstrate at a pace unlike  other underdeveloped countries and some developed countries. That is the uniqueness. Other than that, the problem is similar. 

In America, in the past few weeks, Statues of those Americans who have helped shaped the new free world with an idea that separates the races at all levels of government and inevitably in all aspect of life has been removed and destroyed. Few weeks later, we witness in the capital of the world, London, Iconic figure of the 20th century; Haile Selassie I, the Emperor who stood at the league of nations and spoke those prophetic words against the nazi occupation of much of Europe with that very idea that one race can not rule the world has been defaced and destroyed.  

The Link is there. That link is America has two influence. One is that of Equality which is enshrined by the constitution. Then, we ask, How could that constitution be ignored by the very iconic figure that helped shape America and were supported by ignoring the very constitution that states, "All Are Created Equal." At that precise moment, there should have been a challenged. Whether it was challenged or not, there was a force that suppressed that very constitution. That helps inspire one generation and ignores or enhance that very notion, that the constitution, however it is enshrined can be omitted by the minds of racists. Friction is then without a doubt a daily occurrence. 

It is concerning that progress towards freedom can be denied. Then we think of Europe, England, who have population that have link with the racist movement in the United States! That is problematic. 

Then domestic terrorism is another link with International Terrorism. That very idea that the Religious Extremist who destroyed the World Trade Center are similar to those who are actively trying to undermine the constitution in one way or another. 

Can America withstand this ongoing force? Yes! Without looking at politics or politicians, it is virtually impossible. 

We then move to now and see there is a President who is sitting in the Oval Office which is a symbol of democracy who reached out to those very people who undermine the constitution. There is certainly imperfection. Therefore the problem lingers. Like a sinner among the righteous, the conscious mind has to be elevated. At that very moment, if there is transformation, then there is real way forward to redemption. At this juncture, a major critical change, is inevitable. 

Centuries pass as humans do, that very ideal of real equality is like a man who thirst for water while travelling around a desert. There is real possibility that that person can die. Without that constant supply of water. I now link that with the need to achieve equality in the western world, particularly in America, the danger as well as the survival and thriving of this great country called the United States Of America.

We witness a system that has two roads to travel on. That of Real Equality & Inquality. The later is a disaster waiting to happen! 


July 2, 2020 

Nat Berhanu soon KA Dakar Nael Ciccone




Darkness To Light


Impactful as it had been in the past & it was again when George Floyd was murdered by uniform officers in Minneapolis. This event is now waking the whole entire Western world. Then rewinding the clock backwards we recognize the civil Rights movement, Jim Crow, then slavery. Americas progress is astounding in economics sense. Having to compete with Europe, they did the unimaginable. Slavery for the conscious seeks correction. But the unconscious is an instigator for fight to those who are still oppressed. This movement can catapult other social & economic issues but since law & order has been declared by the current president, then that's what he has to do. Declare war on police brutality. After murder, Maiming  and assault by uniformed officer is against the law. 

The see saw effect to success of civil rights movement is the very reason why the result has not been extraordinary. Battled in the court room; win or lose determined the cause. Once again from Rodney King up to now the war hasn't ended. It is a 21st century solution once and for all. Police Brutality is a decliner for society anywhere. 


June 11, 2020 Nat Berhanu Soon KA Dakar Nael Ciccone 

Trouble In


Demonstrators worldwide have now displayed their distaste and anger towards the killing of George Floyd by the hand of the police who showed disregard for a human being who was lying helpless. Even though he was unresponsive, they continued to show violence till after he was breathless and died with utmost indignity. 

On the other hand, people spoke of system change in their own words. This change they are talking about isn't simple. A mammoth task which they might or might not understand. That might be left for the intellectuals. Either way, policing worldwide is now under scrutiny. It certainly had to be. The list if victims is toomany to ignore. 

The violence on the streets counter active and counter productive. The looting instigates negative action. The police then gain a moral ground. That incites the people. Therefore, those who are talking of change are asking for social change. That is against capitalism. The whole world  has geared up towards capitalism. It is a system of growth. Therefore, the demonstraters are now asking themselves the power that comes to law and order has to be financed. With that rules and regulations follow. 

The problem with police brutality has maintained itself because the rules and regulations plus the system allowed it. This change is that of a revolution. It is not simplistic. Therefore, they token the problem.

What it needs is people within the system to have a conscious and be active and brave about the problem. 

The people then will have to realise the change is not at the snap of the finger. 

The world awaits the delivery if justice with swiftness and also open cases of  officers who got away with murder while in uniform. Rejudicate.

At the top of the list in society lies waiting for a massive change. Those who implement the change will have to sacrifice. After all it is an issue of safety. Without safety from criminals and brutal policing, the modern society will; instead of progress will digress. 

George Floyd

Did the world watch the two officer on top of George Floyd? Yes Did the one officer pressed his knees with all the strength till he snapped the neck of George Floyd? Yes! Did the officer have his hand around his left pocket? Yes! 

For reason he might have to explain. The actionless of George Floyd did cause his death. Some might argue. Whichever way they say to defend themselves, the death of George Floyd puts question mark to the officer securing the scene. That is answered by the young lady who wanted to help but was deterred by the officer noted. 

Everything is in black and white here. But when questions are asked, they are answered. How they answer will be Scrutiny. In the past the fact that police brutality issue was pandemic to the black race. Therefore, black population answered that call and play the exact response the powers that be expect. The other issue is the affluent political organization which are formed by race alone are vaporized and their effectiveness is limited to the rules and regulations of the political organizations. Then the victim, in this matter George Floyd is not able to weigh in his point of view. The media then picks this up and broadcast to the mass what it perceives. In this matter the black race view the media as not being fair. The 21st century was supposed to be new but how that can be if the minds are in the 20th century. 

To galvanise George Floyd is probably impossible. His is silent. Therefore, manipulation is probable. Gain the voice of the entire people who want justice, accountability, and for the court system to say yes, the people have weight. Not the black people, or other race but to say we do this for George Floyd would be to send a message to every police brutality case brought forward. The media then will jump on that wagon. 

True to the moving picture. True to the viewers, true to the phone camera. True to lifeless body. True was George Floyd, True is that he is dead because of his neck was violently pressed against the tarmac by the Minneapolis Police Officers. 


©May 29, 2020 

Nat Berhanu 

Trumped Up!

With horror we watched clips of what the officers who were involved in the murder of George Floyd. This incident has on it's own has infuriated the demonstraters which soon turned to rioters on streets of America. 

The upheaval is not over. The anger simmers day after day. The tactics of the police responding has not upheld the Constitution of this great country once seen across the world as a leader of the Free world.

Last time we saw a police van ran over rioters or those demonstrating was in Asia or some other so called third world. 

I think this cause and effect goes way to the top. The powers that be are slacking or are in a state of corruption. 

Once again what we see is two points that are similar.

1. The disregard to uphold the law 

2. The greater cause;to not take notice of human right violation.

It is indeed a way to force to think again of this issue, police brutality and the effect it has on society. 

We are concerned more on those who are sworn in to uphold the law than the people who are responding to the those who do not uphold the law while in uniform and the ones who empower such heignous act. Trumped up to position should bring some kind of assurance to the people when policing is concerned! After all to protect; & also assure certain responsibilities are serious than other responsibilities.


May 30, 2020

Nat Berhanu

Mavrick Inc.